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Spin-X DVD-R
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Spin-X, a very trusted brand, has excelled in DVD material since 1990. Spin-X brand has several DVD stations all around the world located in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, and China. They are one of today’s leading brands in the DVD market. Spin-X provides excellent quality DVD media all around the world. supplies several Spin-X DVD alternatives. Different speeds are available including 8x and 16x. Inkjet and thermal printable DVDs. The inkjet and thermal surfaces, inkjet and thermal printers allow you to print graphics on the top surface of your DVD. You can print different graphics ranging from photos, titles, or cool designs. offers Spin-X DVDs in packs of 50 pieces.

Spin-X is just one of our trusted recordable DvD brands available for purchase at Other trusted DVD brands Verbatim, Ridata, Taiyo Yuden, Opto Disc, Matrix, Duplicator Grade, and Primera are available at If you are interested in purchasing superior DVD’s for your projects or movies, will have what you need.

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