At Deltamedia, we offer customers the highest quality products from the most trusted manufacturers in the business. Our thermal printable CDRs are no exception. A CDR (or CD-R, as it is also known) is a "compact disc-recordable." In laymen's terms, it's a CD that you can burn yourself. Users can choose to burn data or music onto their CDRs. When a friend or family member gives you a "digital mix tape" as a gift, chances are they've recorded it onto a CDR.

Thermal printable CDRs are simply recordable CDs with surfaces that can be printed using a thermal printer. Deltamedia sells recordable CDs and DVDs with many types of printable surfaces, which can be printed using two different styles of printers: inkjet or thermal. Thermal printable CDRs are designed to be printed using the latter.

We sell printable CDRs made by such trusted manufacturers as Verbatim (a more than 30-year old company), CMC Pro, and Spin X. Our Verbatim thermal printable CDRs are available with two surface styles: white and crystal. Whether you are printing simple text, your company's logo, or high-resolution graphics, Verbatim's CDRs are up to the task. Do you prefer standard discs or "hub-printable" ones? Hub-printable discs can be printed over their full surface. In other words, you can print right up the disc's edges. You'll be able to print either style of disc on your multi- or mono-color thermal printer.

Printable CDRs are generally considered superior to non-printable ones because they allow for a truly professional appearance. If you are planning to print CDRs as part of a promotional or educational project, you'll certainly want to print directly onto the disc. Printable discs also make marvelous gifts and remembrances, as from a wedding.

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