Here at we are known for selling first rate blank media. One type of blank media is our Thermal Printable CDR. In popular demand, CDR’s are recommended for all types of needs. Whether you are recording music, data, or a message, a simple Thermal Printable CDR will get the job done for you.

Thermal Printable CD-R
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With our Thermal Printable CDR, you are able to print graphics or text on the CDR without the use of a label. All that is required is a thermal printer such as the Rimage Prism Plus, which is also available here at Our Thermal Printable CDR is a perfect CDR for professional printing.

When choosing a Thermal Printable CDR there are a number of selections you can choose from. You may choose a true silver thermal CDR or white thermal CDR. The silver and white thermal CDR are available as a hub- printable CDR, which simply means you are able to print all the way to the center of the CDR. Each type is available for you depending on your needs.

As a first rate blank media source, caters to all professionals in need of any type of Thermal Printable CDR. Our company specializes in selling large quantity and also in small packs for individuals who want to try out different types of CDR’s. Our Thermal Printable CDR’s are guaranteed to suit your every recording need.

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