DVD-Rs are DVDs which can be recorded; they're "blank media" which you record onto, just as you might record onto a blank VHS tape, CD, or audio cassette. Printable DVD-Rs have the advantage of a printable surface. You can use your thermal printer (or, in the case of inkjet printable DVD-Rs, your inkjet printer) to print a black and white or colored image directly onto the DVD.

Thermal Printable DVD-R

Many of the thermal printable DVD-Rs we sell here at Deltamedia can be printed right to the edge of the DVD. You'll be amazed at the wonderful quality of these images. Thermal printing isn't just appropriate for crude images, such as lettering or logos. Thermal printed images can include photo-quality pictures. For example, if you record your daughter's dance recital onto a thermal printable DVD-R you purchase from Deltamedia, you'll be able to print a gorgeous, photo-quality image of your daughter onto the front of the DVD.

If you are editing the digital footage yourself, you'll even be able to "capture" a still image from the moving footage. Say your daughter is pirouetting in one of the digital movies. Why not select a frame of this footage to turn into a still image which you can print directly onto the DVD?

Printing an image right onto the DVD is so much more attractive and professional than writing on the DVD with a Sharpie or CD marker. It's also a lot smarter than printing onto a sticky label, since printable, sticky labels sometimes cause DVD players to jam. Whether you're a professional filmmaker or an enthusiastic amateur, printable DVD-Rs will take your finished projects to a whole new level.

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