Since 1989, has professionally supplied all types of recordable media. One type of media we specialize in is our exceptional DVD-R. Our DVD-R products are available in the impressive thermal printable format. Thermal Printable DVD-R’s are prefect for professional and individual use.

Thermal Printable DVD-R
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In the case of a Thermal Printable DVD-R, you can print on top surface of the DVD-R with a thermal printer. All of our Thermal Printable DVD-R’s have a white coating on the top surface of the DVD-R to print pictures, designs, titles, or important messages. Using the proper type of thermal printer, you can print a standard black image or cool colored images depending on what type of material you want to produce.

If you are a professional, such as a church organization in need of an impressive promotional material, a Thermal Printable DVD-R is an excellent way to present your message with design and video footage. Verbatim and Prodisc are two of the major name brand DVD-Rs. We have worked with these brands for many years and they have always supplied us with a reliable and quality product. Our DVD-R products are available in an 8x and 16x speeds.

You can depend on to supply outstanding recordable media. Thermal Printable DVD-R’s are available to capture and portray your DVD’s in a unique and creative way.

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