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VHS Tapes Accessories

Our VHS accessories include VHS rewinders, video cleaning tapes, splice kits, switchers, and storage units. We also sell video supplies like adaptors and packaging. Our VHS packaging supplies are myriad and include everything from simple cardboard sleeves to Disney-style VHS albums to colorful, plastic VHS cases. If you need cases, boxes, albums, or sleeves for your VHS tapes, you'll find a dozen different styles at

If you're a video aficionado, you'll want to invest in a video splicer. A splicer will allow you to perform "linear editing." Before digital editing was created in the early years of the 1990s, linear editing wasn't just the norm, it was quite simply the only way to edit. If you enjoy "old-fashioned" mediums like VHS video tape or 8mm home movies, you'll want to learn how to edit these formats without having to digitize them.

Our splicer kits and splicer tabs are very affordable; they're also quite easy to use. Learning to edit VHS tapes will allow you to create wonderful home movies and video projects. You'll never have to edit using dual VCRs again!

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