Since we opened for business in 1989, Deltamedia has specialized in blank media like audio and video cassettes. To this day, we manufacture our own audio and video cassettes. How does this benefit you, the customer? Because we manufacture our own tapes, we can custom make them to the length you specify. If you only need to put five minutes of material on your video cassette, we can sell you video cassettes which are exactly five minutes in length.

Video Cassettes VHS Bulk

Custom loading our cassettes to the length you specify will benefit you in two ways. First, it will save you money. Why pay for 60 minutes of video tape per cassette if you only need 40 minutes or even 19 minutes of usable tape?

Second, recording onto video cassettes that are customized to your project will create a more impressive presentation. Your customers or clients will be impressed by both the look and feel of your customized video cassettes. Shorter video cassettes are lighter than full-length ones; as soon as your client lifts one of your video tapes, he'll be able to tell it was custom made.

If you're in the market for a great bargain, check out our bulk loaded video cassettes. Because these VHS tapes arrive on your doorstep without labels or boxes, you save a bundle of money. Shopping "a la carte" for your labeling and packaging solutions will help you find products that more perfectly match the style of your project, while simultaneously saving you money.

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