WaterShield CDR is the most amazing disc recently developed by CMC Pro.  We are impressed by the smooth and shiny printing on disc.  In the past, you had to purchase a $8000 machine to achieve the same look.  The cost of CMC Pro WaterShield CDR is about 3 times more than a regular CDR but it is worth every single penny.

Taiyo yuden watershield cdr
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In addition, WaterShield is water and scratch resistant.  You don’t have to worry about sweaty hands or spilled drinks any more.  It doesn’t smear like the regular inkjet printable disc.  This is a perfect CDR for those who want to make a first great unforgettable impression.    

WaterShield CDR is also a hub printable disc so you can have the best coverage of your artwork.  Customers are very much familiar with the quality and reliability of CMC Pro CDR.  This is definitely the best printable disc in the market today. 


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