We think you'll be truly amazed by the variety and quality of the blank CDR media we sell at Deltamedia.com. We carry so many different styles of CDR media that we have to organize them in two ways: by brand and by category. Brands include such exceptional manufacturers as Sony, Mitsui, Verbatim, CMC Pro, Spin X, Titan, Tiger, Phillips, Maxell, Ritek/Ridata, and generic.

Categories include varying play-lengths (74, 80, and 90 minutes), rewritable CDs (CDRWs), printable CDRs (inkjet or thermal), mini CDRs, water-resistant CDRs, and so much more. These different categories represent many highly specialized variations of the basic CDR technology.

For instance, Primera manufactures both a water-resistant DVD-R and water-resistant CDR. The matte finish, AquaGuard surface of this 700MB CDR can be printed to its edges (because it's "hub-printable"). The AquaGuard surface offers extra protection against the elements. If you love to ski or surf or live in a wet or snowy city (think Seattle or Bangor), you'll really appreciate these specialized CDRs.

Remember, CDRs aren't just good for recording and playing music or making music mixes. CDRs are also ideal for data storage. You can use a CD to record and save digital pictures, as if it were a digital photo album. You can also use CDRs to backup the files on your computer, archive meaningful files or information, or send information to a friend or business associate that is too large to send via email. When you're buying CDRs to use for archival purposes, be sure to buy the highest quality, most durable discs. You can use inexpensive CDRs to burn a mix-disc to play in your car, but you'll want to use only the very best when recording data/jpegs for posterity.

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